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Having each (and together) gained a wealth of field experience in events and organizations over many years, we chose each other to create this project to help and support people in organizations. That’s why we’ve developed a consulting service based on our core values. Whether it’s to add a little magic to the daily grind between repetitive tasks and titanic problem-solving, or to discover a new way of looking at something that’s been hanging over our heads and we just haven’t seen it. In short, it’s a project where practical support, experience, sharing, guidance and a multitude of tools are all there to help you move forward.

When it comes to the daily grind, it’s time to start looking for hints and tools that will make life easier, and that you can easily put into practice. As the saying goes, you’ve got a life to live, and it’s better to live it to the full and with the tools you need! In fact, our day-to-day work with organizations keeps our minds aligned with action, and both feet firmly planted in field experience.

expérience - Claudine Roussel

Claudine Roussel

Passionate about events, organizations (cause and heart) and communications, and a proud recipient of the Mérite Estrien for her commitment in April 2021, she is passionate about the people behind events and organizations, those who run them and those who benefit from them. An adept of design thinking and holder of a certification in Event Design, she loves applying these innovative approaches that place the user at the heart of innovation.

expérience - Marylène Roy

Marylène Roy

Self-taught and passionate about people and their potential, she sincerely believes that sharing ideas, projects and concepts with other people allows innovation to take place, and thus exploit their full potential. It’s through the events highway, which intersects with routes such as communication, planning, organization, coordination, management and simplification, that she has chosen to fulfill herself and contribute.

« Claudine and Marylène are trustworthy, structured, creative and very dynamic! An exceptional and professional collaboration, a true and unique partnership!  ! »

Stéfanie Lachance, Former Marketing Manager, Carrefour de l’Estrie

« Before Airtable, I struggled with Excels, then Google Sheets/Forms that only allowed me to gather information. I had to extract and rearrange everything in order to assign our hundreds of students to the extracurricular activities they chose. Now it's all in one place and SIMPLE! And what can I say about the incredible support of Claudine and Marylène who, with their many tips, helped me optimize my transition to Airtable so that my data were clear and easy to process. I have saved hours of data processing AND now I even have fun managing these assignments! My statistics are instantaneous, it's almost magical! I'll never go back to my old ways. »

Robert-Étienne Siméon, Mitchell-Montcalm High School

«Our needs, expectations and fears are listened to, and we feel well supported throughout the process. With their ability to disarm any source of stress through passion, creativity and words of encouragement, Claudine and Marylène represent that spark we need to bring joy, wonder and radiance to an event!  »

Suzanne Lafleur, Former BAM General Manager and Former Coordinator of the Estrie Fibromyalgia Association

« Claudine and Marylène pass on their experience, hints and energy with simplicity, openness and humor. We learn and we have fun! »

Isabelle Côté, CHRP


« I've been through a lot of ideation workshops, but never an experience like Event Design! »

Émilie Pinard, Division Manager - Events, City of Sherbrooke

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Our values


Being able to accomplish tasks and actions (no matter how small) on your own means knowing how to "manage", to seek out, to dare, even if you don't know it. It also means trusting your inner voice when it tells you that you can do it, no matter what others may say. Just trying is already a big step.


It means being yourself, without artifice or mask, without fanfare or trumpet. It's who you are, what you present and what comes from your heart. It's a mark of kindness to yourself and to others to always remain yourself according to your own values.


It feeds us, transports us, uplifts our soul. It is the spark that, for a single moment, generates countless ideas and projects just waiting to be realized. It is the gasoline to the engine, the wood to the fire, the yin to the yang. Passion combined with action can open the widest paths, the biggest doors.


The part of yourself that knows, the little voice that possesses or knows the information and will always get it right, in the right place, at the right time. Nothing fancy, just what needs to be there (or said😉 ). Allowing this to work in concert with the practical side allows us to open big doors.


A state of abundance reflected in health, work, financial resources, opportunities, relationships, time, nature and its benefits. To be in a favorable situation, to experience success. For plants, prosperity is a period of harmonious growth and abundance. What a beautiful analogy! 😊

Joviality... fun, joy, laughter and candor

The core of life. The power of joy transcends many things and can change a state or situation in an instant. The joy of living is contagious, an essential foundation of our lives. It allows us to take life lightly, with all its good and not-so-good moments. It allows us to elevate our experience and truly be ourselves.

Accomplishment... girls of action, of results

A feeling of fulfillment, of satisfaction, that brings a moment of happiness. The pride of having placed a stone on a path, of having made a difference for someone by putting into concrete action what was only a thought. We are autodidact. We channel and improve ideas, thoughts and tasks through action. We make the invisible tangible!


Some of our collaborations

Carrefour de l'Estrie

Région-de-Sherbrooke School Board

Mitchell-Montcalm High School

La Guignolée des médias

Festival des harmonies et orchestres symphoniques du Québec

Fééries hivernales de Sherbrooke

Santa's Parade
Christmas Market
Sherbrooke Winter Carnival

Regroupement Des Centres De La Petite Enfance


La Grande Table

Coupe du Brasseur

Actions Interculturelles de l'Estrie

Diversity Job Fair

Conférence annuelle du loisir municipal (CALM2023)

Design thinking sprint
Guest speakers

Cultural centers, Sherbrooke city

Fédération des associations des musiciens éducateurs du Québec


Rendez-vous d'Howard

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