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Two women sharing tools, experiences and tips (and solutions!) to get you out of the chaos of everyday life. Whether you’re managing an organization, your own business, projects or events, every week we offer simple tips to make your decision-making easier, while simplifying and optimizing your days! Between us, we combine over 30 years’ experience in events, entrepreneurship, NPO management and miracle solutions!

Because organization is everything, you’ll find a variety of categories to help you stay on top of all the articles and episodes.

Categories that speak to us a lot and dictate our daily lives: Communicate, Manage, Innovate, Inspire, Plan or Be Well Equipped. Come and get inspired! 😁

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When you’re doing research, it’s always a little easier (and more helpful!) when you’ve got something to go on. As we all know, it’s easy to get lost in all those 1,000 and one ideas.

That’s why we’ve put our favorites here, to act as a base for us. Like the first stone you lay to solidify your house. If you like, you can start here. After that, you’ll be guided by your own research and reading.

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