What's important to us, what we offer you!

First and foremost, it’s by offering what’s closest to our hearts that we allow the best version of ourselves to emerge … and shine! 🦄✨✨ That’s why we prefer to use the term experiences to define our services, since in our offering, you’ll be living something, adventures, inspiring and evolving experiences. What’s more, these experiences allow us to adapt to everyone’s desires and needs.

In fact, whether you prefer to work on a specific aspect with the autonomous experience, experience a completely unheard-of ideation process with colleagues, plunge into the heart of a problem to bring out the beauty of solutions, or allow yourself to explore guidance to see more clearly with the vision of the eagle, these experiences are there to equip you to go even further!

In the end, it’s for all these reasons that we want to, and take pleasure in, sharing all the bits of magic that have sprinkled our paths! It’s by allowing and adapting ourselves that we facilitate change.😇

Go ahead, dive in and be inspired! 🏄🎁


The Total

Do you need guidance and mentoring?

You’ve come to the right place!


The Design

Need to create or rethink an event? We’ve got the process for you.

You’ve come to the right place!


The Autonomous

Looking for training to get the chaos out of your day at your own pace?

You’ve come to the right place!


The Talking

Tell us what you see as a problem so we can work together to find solutions!

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Free tools

Magic in a box!


Where do I start? How do I do it?

We reveal our “recipe” in this video, and we’ve even added a bonus (a reminder to print out and stick on your bulletin board).

Audio exercise

Through a visualization exercise, we’ll travel back in time with you to your youth. We’ll bring back permission to make mistakes, curiosity and the right to ask for help. No suitcase needed! Come on, let’s go for a ride!



Need ideas…ideally a ton of them?

1 workshop

30 minutes

180 ideas…sound good?

Some of our collaborations

Carrefour de l'Estrie

Région-de-Sherbrooke School Board

Mitchell-Montcalm High School

La Guignolée des médias

Festival des harmonies et orchestres symphoniques du Québec

Fééries hivernales de Sherbrooke

Défilé du Père Noël
Marché de Noël
Carnaval de Sherbrooke

Regroupement Des Centres De La Petite Enfance


La Grande Table

Coupe du Brasseur

Actions Interculturelles de l'Estrie

Diversity Job Fair

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