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A simple, human and effective way to manage information.

The ONLY training course you need for reliable, shared, up-to-date and clear information, WITHOUT having to hire a programmer or subscribe to paid sites.

Managing information, you do it every day, it looks like ...


you manage information and, unless you’re already an Airtable PRO,

it’s often the CHAOS!

After this course you'll...


Have the basic knowledge to rock your data management with Airtable know how to apply a simple, empathy-based method to optimize your processes without harming the humans involved.


Know how to apply a simple, empathy-based method to optimize your processes without harming the humans involved.


Master the creation and sharing of forms, databases and views to improve your information management and the way you share information.


Have tested the application of databases and know what adjustments to make to theses and forms as they are used.


Communicate the benefits of collecting and managing information in an Airtable database.


Approach the arrival of new projects with confidence, because you'll know where to put the information to avoid it becoming chaotic.

« Claudine and Marylène are trustworthy, structured, creative and very dynamic! An exceptional professional collaboration, a true and unique partnership! »

Stéfanie Lachance

Former Marketing Manager, Carrefour de l'Estrie

« Our needs, expectations and fears are listened to, and we feel well supported throughout the process. With their ability to deactivate any source of stress through passion, creativity and words of encouragement, Claudine and Marylène represent the spark we need to bring joy, wonder and radiance to an event! »

Suzanne Lafleur

Former DG of BAM ans Former Coordinator of the Association de la fibromyalgie de l'Estrie

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We offer you a human and comprehensive 5 unit method that will enable you to reproduce your learning over and over again and eliminate data management chaos in both your professional and personal life.

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What they say about us

« Claudine and Marylène pass on their experience, hints and energy with simplicity, openness and humor. We learn and we have fun! »

Isabelle Côté


Before Airtable, I was struggling with Excels, then Google Sheets/Forms that only allowed me to gather information. I had to extract and rearrange everything in order to assign our hundreds of students to the extracurricular activities they chose. Now it's all in one place and SIMPLE!

And what can I say about the incredible support of Claudine and Marylène who, with their many tips, helped me optimize my transition to Airtable so that my data were clear and easy to process. I've saved hours of data processing AND now I even have fun managing these assignments! My statistics are instantaneous, it's almost magical! I'll never go back to my old ways again." »

Robert-Étienne Siméon
Mitchell-Montcalm High School

Units included

Unit 0

The 3 questions to ask yourself

The first big questions are: Does it belong to me? Is it urgent? Is it important?

Unit 1

The Human, the Humans and You (4 lessons)

Starting from the only place that matters: people! We explore time management, comfort zones, competence, genius, illusions and stakeholders.

Unit 2

The starting point (3 lessons)

This is where you choose your playground (your starting data) and explore the DATA – its importance (provenance, reliability) and its characteristics.

Unit 3

The destination (3 lessons)

We map out the path to take by identifying : How do I get the data? What do I want to see? and then explore the different types of Views for presenting the data.

Unit 4

Learning and tools (2 lessons)

This is where we dive into advanced data: formulas, links, “consult” and cumulative.

Unit 5

Humans/the return (3 lessons)

This is where we get back to basics: the humans involved in the process. We explore the impact on the HUMANS and on the data, we provide tips on how to assert yourself with empathy, and we suggest Coming Back to You: What you eliminate as tasks.

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Having each (and together) accumulated a wealth of practical experience in events and organizations over many years, we chose each other to create together this project to help and support people in organizations.

Dehors le CHAOS is the ONLY course you need for reliable, shared, up-to-date and clear information, WITHOUT having to hire a programmer or subscribe to paid sites.

YOU’RE READY TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT because, CLEARLY, what you’ve been doing (or putting up with) so far IS NOT WORKING!

No need to convince your team, your partners or your bosses: all you have to do is learn the Que Des Solutions POUR TOI method and become living proof that there are better ways (we’ll even help you communicate with your team to set up your new way of working).

Claudine and Marylène ❤️

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